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With so many marriages ending in divorce it is important to try all options before making that decision. At times all we need is a third party to arbitrate the problem. Sometimes all we need is some proven techniques to learn how to deal with our partners. There are even times when all we needed was a little support to fix the marriage.

My name is Carolina Alvarez a children and family therapist for over 10 years helping hundreds of families and relationships find the way. My approach is one of non judgmental and a open mind. Helping people find the answers they are looking for to live a mentally haelthy life. As a wife of 15 years I can tell you that it is possible to fix your marriage and become the partners you started out as. Join me for this small group counseling session and lets talk. Refreshments will me provide in a conference room setting. reserve your seat


Marriage, couples and relationship seminar

If you are married or in a long-term relationship sometimes you need to talk to someone. Its obvious we love each other but that does not mean we are getting along. Join me for a small couple’s seminar to discuss challenges we face in today’s world when it comes to relationships. Love is great but unfortunately, it’s not enough. Hello my name is Carolina Alvarez a therapist for 10 years helping many couples and marriages figure out the nest step in the relationship. Seats are limited, get tickets on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/couples-marriage-and-relationships-seminar-tickets-30295432454

Join us for another parenting class. Great information for those that need it. Get tickets at


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