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Change Help Affordable Mental Health Program

Mental health is a vital part of our communities. Assuring that mental health is accessible and affordable is the mission of this program. It is vital that mental health is accessible in order to help our communities and promote good health. This program helps by providing discounted and free services to those that do not have insurance. Using a Solution Focused Therapeutic approach or also known as Brief Therapy. This is intended to give the community skills to build solutions in a short period of time and therefore lowering the cost. This combined with the discounted prices helps in making Mental health affordable to all. The first session is sponsored by the program at no charge. If you continue to see our therapist the program will to help with the cost.

Solution Focused Therapy / Solution Focused Brief Therapy / Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy was developed by de Shazer & Berg and their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Center, Milwaukee, in the 1970's. The approach focuses on building solutions rather than problem-solving, and is typically very brief - in the order of 3 to 5 sessions. The questioning style explores client's preferred futures (goals) in the context of the client's current resources and behaviors. Therapeutic elements may include 'problem-free talk' as well as the 'miracle question' and ratings of progress scales.

Contact us to get your first FREE SESSION sponsored by the program CHAMHP. This will help you in finding out if the program and therapist are right for you. Availabl‚Äče in virtual therapy and office visit.

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